Datum Systems is a small, but highly respected company in the heart of Silicon Valley that designs and manufactures innovative satellite communications ground equipment for SCPC, MCPC and VSAT point-to-point or point-to multipoint networks. We specialize in reliable high performance satellite modems for a variety of Government and Commercial applications, including IP data, VOIP, cellular backhaul, banking, distance learning, disaster recovery and business-to-business enterprise. We have over 30 years of electronic design experience and familiarity with sophisticated communications systems, microwave equipment and RF designs up to 14 GHz. Datum Systems also writes all of its own software in-house. Our modems include multiple embedded processors running reliable sophisticated real time software written entirely in assembly language. It is fast, virtually bug free and does not require a “reset” function to correct its mistakes. Our 100 MIPS digital signal processor with integrated software is how we achieve the fastest acquisition on the market.


Datum Systems, an industry leader in advanced bandwidth efficient and high performance SCPC satellite modems announces a key technology partnership with XipLink to embed their latest generation of optimization software (XipOS) into its M7 Series of modems. Xiplink is the technology leader in wireless link optimization and a previous Technology of the Year Award recipient by the World Teleport Association. By tightly integrating the XE-Series of wireless optimization software within Datum Systems’ highly efficient satellite modems, which already offer carrier cancelling, sharper carrier roll-off’s (down to 5 percent) and sophisticated low latency coding schemes, Datum Systems’ modems will now accelerate and compress TCP data for maximum capacity.


  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Multicasting
  • Broadcasting
  • Legacy Link
  • Upgrades