The VSAT MX-3 terminal provides a full mesh communications solution, optimized for IP traffic, supporting multi service traffic for service providers, governments and corporations. VSAT MX-3 is Polarsat’s proven track record of field deployed, reliable communications products, this latest product introduces many new features and enhancement to address the seamless integration to terrestrial IP based networks. The VSAT MX-3 provides full mesh, single hop connectivity within a satellite network leveraging polarsat’s recognized expertise in MF-TDMA systems. This platform enables a robust mix of user service, ranging from toll quality voice, email and file transfers to broadband applications such as internet access, IP video, LAN Interconnect, and Client Server applications.


  • Direct IP interface supports transport of Toll quality voice, data, client/server, video and facsimile services combined on a single, low cost platform.
  • Built in IP enhancement to optimize traffic performance over satellite
  • Hubless, full mesh bandwidth on demand operation with single satellite hop


  • Telecommunication
  • Police & Military
  • Government