Since 1984, International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) has been a recognized market leader in the point-to-multipoint distribution of broadband multimedia content over satellite. IDC has been first to market with a range of innovative products and solutions for content management and content distribution. Our products and solutions are in demand for radio and television networks, targeted ad insertion, digital cinema, 3D live events, VOD, and IPTV. IDC is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. International in scope, IDC has installations in over 100 countries with a strong network of value-added partners and distributors.



IDC offers a broad portfolio of advanced solutions including Pro Audio, Pro Video, Pro Cinema, and Pro Data for implementing broadcast content contribution and distribution applications.

IDC’s reputation for excellence has been earned with top quality products, backed by the highest level of customer service based on a full range of end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of the broadcast television industry. IDC offers state-of-the-art technologies for the global video and television market including:  Content Management, Encoders, Multiplexers, Splicers and Receivers.

IDC offers flexible solutions for the delivery of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and Live Alternative Content. Our solutions operate over any multicast or hybrid IP network. Our receivers feature DVB-S2 technology providing high-speed throughput and increased transmission reliability required for digital cinema networks.

The global market for multimedia data distribution is large and growing. For high bandwidth data delivery for large networks where timely and secure delivery are paramount, IP multicasting via satellite systems are in demand as the most cost effective solutions available.



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